We understand that deciding which partner and which technology is most capable of delivering your requirements is a difficult decision.  The right communication partner should have strong industry links, combined with the right experience and resources to provide you the best on-going support.

A Consultative Approach

Our business aim is clear – to provide proven reliable connectivity to customers old and new.

Our ethos is simple – provide the best solution for the client based on agreed measurable parameters. We want our clients to measure us, because that is how we gauge our success.

At Rapier, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to de-mystify the world of technology. Our tag-line is ‘cutting edge communications’, but that doesn’t mean we use our clients to test theories. It does mean however, our customers get the very best solutions from an area of IT that is constantly improving and evolving to assist all of us in our day to day lives.

Technology Partners

We work with world leading vendor partners, including Ruckus, AirTight, Siklu, Cambium/Motorola, Ceragon, Axis, SUB10, SAF Technica, Aviat,Tooway/Eutelsat, Avanti, RepeatIT, Infinet, Purplewifi, Airangel wifi, Xirrus and more. We have reached the highest level of accreditation with each and every one of our partners and this translates into the very best use of technology for our clients.

It’s never just about the Wireless.

Our design & engineering team are also highly trained in IP connectivity so they understand the fixed network that sits behind the wireless connectivity.  This is crucial to integrate the wireless element of the solution seamlessly into your network. Our engineering team holds manufacturer accreditation in relation to the above systems as well as high level accreditations for the Alcatel Lucent and HP ProCurve switching / routing product portfolio.

Tangible Benefits

Rapier Systems deliver this technology daily, our relationships with our vendor and developer partners and our deep rooted understanding of the very nature of the technology, means we are able to guarantee tangible and measurable improvements in terms of experience to all of our customers for the entire life of each project.

We deliver the following tangible benefits to our customers;

  • Save operational expenditure (on-going costs) against traditional leased / rented copper or fibre circuits – often in the first year.
  • Provide performance guarantees with our WLAN / Wi-Fi service.
  • Increase efficiency of Your business, helping it to work smarter by embracing the use of technology.
  • Provide a tailored, measurable support contract, with a defined SLA (service level agreement) and review it with you at agreed intervals.
  • We are “hands on” at every step to ensure the experience is pain free and ALL our skills are in house.
  • Latest technological advances to stay in touch or ahead of the competition.
  • Empower you to decide what is best for your business and not what others would force you to buy.


We can sum up our ethos quite simply with the following statement;

“Everything can be connected; it is simply a question of how best to achieve it!”