Wi-Fi Networks

Performance Guarantee

Rapier’s Wi-Fi deployments provide a reliable, predictable Wi-Fi environment or we rectify it for free.


The freedom to work where you want – inside or outside with seamless roaming capabilities and better connection speeds.


Reliable, flexible, predictable connections for portable devices, backed with tailored support contracts.

Social Media Login

Compliance, security & demographics relating to your customers. Gives the ability to directly interact with your customers like never before.

Easy Manageability

Wi-Fi that adapts to the environment automatically to increase performance & reliability while decreasing your management of the system.

Best of Breed Technology

Our manufacturing partners are at the ‘cutting edge’ of wireless technology with many patents to their credit.

Wi-Fi systems are probably the most commonly encountered radio systems, with consumer devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and even TVs shipping with an integral radio.  Modern Wi-Fi is optimised as a short distance access medium and the term is almost interchangeable with broadband delivery in the domestic environment.  Mobile devices such as phones and tablet PCs rely on a reliable, predictable Wi-Fi environment for error-free operation.

Because of this proliferation and the fact that the frequencies are not only unlicensed, but also shared with other devices such as wireless telephones, careful planning is required to fully optimise the coverage across a building in a professional installation.

High end Wi-Fi systems, typically incorporate some kind of controller functionality, be it local or ‘cloud based’ to proactively manage the radio spectrum, optimise performance and mitigate interference.  With the latest standards, over the air speeds from Wi-Fi systems are now approaching 1Gbps.

Planning is key to a robust Wi-Fi implementation.  Building interiors can be modelled from scaled architects plans, supplemented with construction information.  The result is a predicted coverage plan and equipment list.

In most cases, these virtual survey tools provide a good indication as to the final ‘look and feel’ of the network, also giving a good approximation of build costs.

Virtual surveys, should NEVER be taken as a final design. There are far too many factors in the real world that can affect network performance and these cannot always be modelled.  Their purpose is to provide a starting point for the physical survey.

Rapier Systems uses technologies and systems from leading wireless manufacturers to provide state of the art, wireless networks with carrier class reliability.  Carefully selected products, combined with our skills, close manufacturer relationships and expertise in surveying, deploying, configuring and maintaining the systems means that our customers always get the service that they rightly deserve.  Our Wi-Fi designs are underwritten with our unique performance guarantee.  We work closely with our customers to ensure we provide the required coverage and support for all devices and users.  If the Wi-Fi network we’ve designed does not provide you with the coverage you require, we will rectify it at our cost.

We are specialists in ‘social’ Wi-Fi.  A system that allows hotspot operators to capture data from their customer’s logins to enable tracking of user trends, build a database for marketing purposes and even track footfall around the Wi-Fi network for further analysis.  There is simply no better way to digitally interact with customers. For further details, please visit our RapierConnect website.

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