Temporary / Event Connectivity

Bespoke Design

Designed to deliver what you need for any event type or size.

Fully Managed

Maintained and monitored so you can concentrate on delivering your event.


Quick deployment & recovery, allowing for events at any location for any duration.

Due to the speed at which wireless equipment can be deployed, it is an ideal technology for temporary installations.  A temporary link can be installed in hours on a temporary structure and removed in the same timescale.

Rapier’s team have been involved in many temporary installations of Wide area wireless over the years, providing bandwidth to events such as concerts, festivals and agricultural shows, including working with the police to provide communications infrastructure for CCTV and safety and providing Internet connections for merchants’ PDQ (Credit card) machines.

Examples include temporary microwave installations for a leading mobile carrier, to provide extra cellular capacity at a concert in Leeds, installation of a network to provide merchant access and a hi-fidelity audio feed for broadcast for a local music festival, provision of Internet services at a Scottish Food Fair & supply of high-speed internet provision with Wi-Fi access in 2 Scottish Castles for a large American run technology firms annual IT conference.

For events where there is no local infrastructure to connect to, we can provide one of our vehicles, equipped with two high speed satellite links to provide Internet access wherever you require it.

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